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Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Summary-Bertrand Russell (Bihar Board)

परिकल्पनाएँ जिसने मानवता की मदद की /विचारों कि मानव जाति की मदद की है |
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"Ideas That Have Helped Mankind" has been written by Bertrand Russell(1872-1970). He was one of the greatest philosophers of his time. He was not only Philosopher but Thinker and Mathematician also.
According to him, the early man was not different from animals. Both were dependent on the mercy of Nature. Thousands of years back, our ancestors spent their lives like animals. They lived in a forest and caves. Their lives were not safe. As the population increased, they started to feel good. They led the foundation of their domestic life. Man can understand the feeling others but an animal can not do so. There are two types of ideas ➡️ first is knowledge and technique and second is Moral and Politics. Domestic animals made the life of human being comfortable and secure. At last, we can say skill is the source of development.
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Word Meaning
  1. Ideas(विचार)
  2. Mankind(मानवता)
  3. Written(लिखा हुआ)
  4. Philosopher(दार्शनिक)
  5. Thinker(सोचने वाला)
  6. Mathematician(गणितज्ञ)
  7. According(अनुसार)
  8. Early man(आदि - मानव)
  9. Different(विभिन्न)
  10. Dependent(आश्रित)
  11. Mercy(दया)
  12. Nature(प्रकृति)
  13. Ancestors(पूर्वजों)
  14. Spent(खर्च किया)
  15. Forest(वन)
  16. Caves(गुफाएं)
  17. Their life(उनकी ज़िन्दगी)
  18. Safe(सुरक्षित)
  19. As(जैसा)
  20. Population(आबादी)
  21. Started to(शुरूआत की)
  22. Foundation(आधार)
  23. Understand(समझना)
  24. Domestic Life(घरेलू जीवन)
  25. Knowledge(ज्ञान)
  26. Technique(तकनीक)
  27. Moral(नैतिक)
  28. Politics(राजनीति)
  29. Comfortable(आरामदायक)
  30. Domestic animals(घरेलु जानवर)
  31. Made(बनाया गया)
  32. A human being(मनुष्य)
  33. At last(अंत में)
  34. Secure(सुरक्षित)
  35. Skill(कौशल)
  36. Development(विकास)
Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Summary-Bertrand Russell (Bihar Board),Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Summary,Ideas That Have Helped Mankind Summary-Bertrand Russell



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